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Crying Wolf


How could they do this to us? How could they take away that detestable bearded man we loved to hate, and replace him with a smiling and affable Muslim Santa-like figure? How could they take away all that bellicose, antagonistic, spiteful rhetoric we loved to cower from, and replace it with a warm, compromising and conciliatory tone? Only a truly malevolent foe would rip us away from our comfort zone in such a brutal manner.

But, not to worry, it’s all a sham. Like the Saudi initiative or moderate offers made by Abbas or any other Arab – they are all deceptions and frauds.  We will forever see right through these offers and identify the devil at work, never mind the circumstances or our national interests. Despite the fact that the world has tired of us and our doomsday prophecies, we will expose the real face behind the mask.  And just like the responsible adult we are, we will not even respect this con with our presence in the room when he speaks – the heck with how this makes us look in the eyes of the rest of the world.

The murder of two soldiers last week put things back into perspective for us, and provided us with a reminder of what really threatens our Israeli nuclear empire (according to foreign reports that is).  Let us vent our anger and thirst for vengeance by calling for a cessation of the peace talks with the Palestinians. Likewise, we should not allow the future release of any more Palestinians from our jails, and immediately populate any isolated buildings in the West Bank, and approve all controversial construction plans. The Israeli public and the Palestinians should know that the Israeli government stands firm in its support for constructive actions only.

By the way, the six Palestinians killed this month are a regrettable result of our resolve to battle terror wherever we fancy finding it, whether in the Palestinian refugee camps, or within the corridors of the U.N.

The American President is not only a failure, and weak, he has also betrayed us. How else should we interpret the withdrawal of forces from successful operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, the calling off of another successful operation in Syria, the terrible deal with Assad (really? a deal in the Middle East?), and now to top it all – the talks with the Iranians? He promised us that we were not alone, and now he has become the devil’s best friend!

But luckily for us, we have our own homegrown champions. Bugi, Lieberman and Bennett – our knights in shining armor, certified heroes. And at their head, as our leading protagonist, we have Netanyahu. Highly proficient in English, and great at making a show of it as well, he will expose the Iranians for what they are. He will prove the entire world wrong, reiterate our willingness to stand alone for another 100 years, and boast our readiness to act unaided if needed.

Oh, and just in case we have forgotten, he will also remind us of Israel’s undying historical role – to remind the world, and us Israelis, of the Holocaust. Never again.

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