Path to the Dark Side

So what pearls of wisdom did we have this time? 

Incitement and hatred seem rampant these days. In times of war or violence, hatred offers a twisted form of solace for those feeling fear of any kind.
They say ignorance breeds fear, but sometimes fear arises when you are under life threatening danger. Such as when I was in Tulkarem during the 2000 intifada, and my jeep was being pelted by literally thousands of Palestinians throwing rocks the size of meteors. After the side mirrors of the vehicle were shattered, and the front armored windscreen cracked, I felt fear. And then a dark feeling began to creep down my spine, threatening to poison my inner organs, and I suddenly realized I hated. 
In stressful situations such as the latest round in Gaza, there is plenty of fear going around for everyone. A convenient coping mechanism, hating allows us to let off steam. And so we often hear quotes similar to those cited above.  
Other than the obvious fact that such declarations are not in any way applicable, they are also destructive in nature and effect. They only help to exacerbate the already deep chasm between the two sides. 
Let there be no mistake, I do not have any special feelings of affection towards those trying to harm me or my country. But I also make an effort not to hate, because in the very end a bridge of some sort will need to be built over this chasm.
“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” (Yoda)


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