Pre Crawl

A crawler is a program that visits Web sites and reads their pages and other information in order to create entries for a search engine index…Crawlers apparently gained the name because they crawl through a site a page at a time, following the links to other pages on the site until all pages have been read.”(

Imagine your mind as a spider web – an immense network of thoughts, all interlinked by different threads. Imagine a spider exploring this network, thread by thread. As a thread is touched, a ripple is sent forth, touching other linked threads.  

I in no way presume my mind to be as complex and extensive as the web, or any spiders web for that matter, but I am attempting to pick my brain and lay out my thoughts in a similar way to how bots conduct their web crawling: page by page, link by link, all somehow interlinked.

I was discussing the current situation in Israel with a close friend of mine when he brought up the idea of me creating a blog.  

Now, there were plenty of reasons not to start blogging, some more obvious, and some less so and of personal nature. But feeling adventurous, and acknowledging the fact that sometimes other people know certain truths about you that you are not necessarily aware of, I decided to go ahead with his idea.

Where to begin? perhaps by laying out some ground rules:
  • In this blog I only offer my own personal reflections and thoughts. I do not in any way represent any 3rd party, official or non-official, and deny any such post-fact association. 
  • Secondly, this blog does not presume to offer absolute truths. To the contrary, although I will be occasionally using so-called facts along the way, it is my strong belief that truth in itself is a relative and subjective concept. My truth, as I hope to slowly unveil in this blog, can, and most likely will be, someone else’s lies. More so, facts can also be debated, as interests and perceptions stand in the background of those presenting them. I will, therefore, make an attempt to add links to used sources. 
  • Thirdly, I am no expert in Middle East affairs, and can claim no related professional capacity, past or present.  Despite the fact that I hold an M.A in Intl. Relations, what I think and feel, and hope to convey to you readers, is the result of 30-years of residence in Israel, with all that that entails. 
I hope you enjoy reading! 


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